Welcome to Blaxton Consulting

Who we Are

Blaxton Consulting specialises in the implementation and ongoing management of Microsoft Dynamics AX®. Our consultants are experts in Project Management, Business Analysis and System Design.

Our consultants have extensive experience in multiple industries, including:

  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Food & Beverage

What we Do

Blaxton Consulting work with both Microsoft Partners and End-user companies we bring our business knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics AX® together to provide the following services:

Why do you need an Independent Consultant

Blaxton Consulting add value to two core roles within any end user business looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics.  Firstly, we provide impartial advice and knowledge which fills the gap between your Microsoft Partner and your business requirements.  Secondly we provide our years of experience in implementing ERP.  Businesses, on average, implement a new or upgraded ERP system every 6-9 years.  Because of this it is likely that you do not have dedicated resource on hand who can manage and perform an implementation without an impact to your day to day business – this is where we can provide that resource and experience.

Why we are different

All of our consultants have previously held roles in business, including Accounting, Financial Administration and Management. Our expertise of Microsoft Dynamics AX® has been built on top of this experience to bring the link between software and business.
We have a great belief in open and honest business, hard work and good results. We put communication at the very forefront of our process and ensure we communicate openly, honestly and clearly – we do not believe in ‘waffle’!