Design & Implementation


Here at Blaxton Consulting we have been involved in many system implementations and have a great deal of experience of how this phase of the project should, and should not be done.  The design and implementation phase should be a continuation of extensive business process analysis, and a seamless move into your Go Live and business as usual activities.

Generally speaking your Microsoft Partner will be responsible for the effective design and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX ®.  However, you as the customer have a very clear role to play in that process and Blaxton Consulting ensure that you meet that role effectively to ensure your project is successful.

That role includes:-

  • Providing clear and concise business requirements
  • Providing well documented business processes
  • Providing continual feedback and support to the Microsoft Partner
  • Ensuring all parts of your business are ‘bought in’ to the new system
  • Internal control and project management
  • Preparing the business for testing and training

Please contact us here at Blaxton Consulting for further information on how we can assist your project with designing and implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX ®.