Reporting & Business Intelligence


Reporting and Business Intelligence is where value is added from implementing a fully integrated ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX ®.  To enable good business decision making you need accurate, relevant and timely information from your ERP system.

Our philosophy for ensuring you get this is:-

  • Understand your reporting requirements.  This includes who is going to use the information, what is it to be used for and how should it be presented
  • Determine the best technology for delivering your report.  There is no one technology which will deliver all your reporting needs, and commonly a combination of multiple technologies will be required
  • Maintain a strategic reporting approach.  This may sound like jargon, but what we mean is ensure that everyone is using reports in the same way and you do not have multiple, marginally different, versions of the same report within the business

Blaxton Consulting have experience in implementing standard Microsoft Dynamics AX® reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Power BI and Globesoftware ATLAS.

Please contact us here at Blaxton Consulting for further information on how we can assist you with reporting and business intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics AX ®.

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